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Airsenz Starter Pack Intelligent Odour Control System, the perfect starter to introduce the AirSenz system to your washroom areas. The pack includes the AirSenz dispenser unit which is programmable to spray at 7.5/15/30 minute intervals, 4 cans of assorted fragrance and the 2 D cell batteries required to power the unit. Each can of fragrance lasts from 1-3 months and the unit has an indicator to show when the fragrance canister needs to be replaced. Replacement AirSenz refill canisters are available in a wide rage of fragrances sold in boxes of 6.

Natural Fragrance Oils - only complex natural fragrances used.

7% Perfume Content - this is at least 2% higher than market competitors and 5% higher than brands sold in supermarkets.

UK Manufactured.

Pack Contains: 4 x Fragrance Aerosols, 1 x Dispenser , 2 x Long Life Batteries



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