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electrofusion welding wipesIf you need high-performance cleaning of electrofusion weld joints, we have a range of quality polyviscose welding wipes with a choice of 70% and 90% IPA alcohol concentrations to suit your needs.

We can also offer you our own branded electrofusion welding wipes which come in convenient and portable tubs that are ideal for fieldwork and can extend the shelf life of a wipe thanks to superior packaging.

BESPOKE WIPES SERVICE – We can supply pre-impregnated industrial wipes to your specification made from high grade fabric which are available upon request.  Call us on 0114 2697107.

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Common Questions

Welding wipes are a type of heavy duty industrial wipe which come presaturated with a high level of isopropyl alcohol, which is effective at removing stubborn contaminants that could effect the quality of weld joints.

Specialist welding wipes are designed with the right mix of features to ensure fast and effective cleaning whilst minimising the risk of snagging and joint contamination that standard cleaning wipes can cause.

Generally, 90% alcohol wipes are more effective for cleaning and preparing weld joints and the evaporation rate is greater than 70% concentrations. This means faster cleaning time and a quicker job.

Electrofusion wipes are impregnated with high levels of alcohol to ensure maximum cleaning action against paint, ink, tar, wax, adhesives, grease, oil and dirt.

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