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graffiti paint on a brick wallFollowing our own research, testing and more than 30 years experience in the cleaning chemicals industry, the graffiti removal products below have been carefully selected for quality and safety.

If you need safe industrial strength products for commercial or DIY graffiti removal, we have a good range of sprays, gels and wipes which make removing paint and ink from brick and other porous and non-porous surfaces much easier.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about our graffiti remover products on 0114 269 7107 including advice on which are most effective with different paints and cleaning methods or if you wish to discuss bulk order discounts.

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Common Questions

There is no ‘one size fits all’ graffiti remover as the best product depends upon the type of paint or ink you need to remove and the surface it is on. However, our Graffsolve gel is a good multi-purpose remover but is particularly effective on vertical surfaces as the thickened formula is able to remain in contact with the paint or ink for longer.  For more sensitive surfaces such as plastics and glass, a more specialist product may be required such as sprays or graffiti wipes.

Again this depends upon what substance the graffiti is made from and the surface it has been applied to. Ultimately it’s important to choose the right remover for the job, start with a small test area and never use more pressure than the surface can tolerate. If you’re left with shadows after removing paint or ink from a porous surface, you can improve the result further by using a ‘ghost remover’ product such as our Ghost Buster solution.

Because brick is porous, graffiti paint is quickly absorbed into the surface. This and the uneven surfaces on many bricks make it difficult to remove paint by scraping or rubbing with traditional paint strippers. Firstly it’s important to remove the graffiti as quickly as possible after application and to use a specialist remover that will draw the paint out of the porous surface where it can be wiped or washed away.

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