Disposable nitrile glovesNitrile gloves are a good general use alternative to latex or vinyl and can offer reliable hand protection against solvents, greases, oils and chemicals.

Gloves made of Nitrile synthetic rubber also provide a good balance between protection, durability and touch sensitivity plus will visibly rip when punctured offering extra reassurance where exposure to hazardous substances is a risk.

Standard disposable nitrile gloves are versatile and suitable for applications including food production, lab work and medical examinations whereas thicker heavy duty versions are generally intended for industrial use where requirements such as chemical resistance are important.

Our glove brands are manufactured in a wide range of size, thickness and colour options offering a safe and hygienic solution for almost anyone and any application.

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Common Questions

Due to their durability and strength, gloves made from Nitrile rubber are used in a wide range of industries and applicataions from food preparation and cleaning to manufacturing, medical examination and industry where protection against more hazardous substances is required.

Nitrile gloves are a good alternative to latex and aren't as prone to causing allergies. They offer better durability than other types of glove and have superior resistance to chemicals.

  • Durable with good resistance to wear and tear
  • Flexible with good touch sensitivity
  • Good resistance to common chemicals, oils and greases
  • Available in a range of colours, lengths, weights and thickness

Nitrile powder free gloves are most commonly used in food preparation because they have many of the advantages of latex without the allergy risk.

Nitrile rubber is safe and less likely to trigger allergies normally associated with latex, although nitrile gloves do contain some accelerator chemicals.

Nitrile gloves generally outperform latex in many important areas with the most obvious being reduced allergy risk as nitrile rubber is allergen free. Nitrile also has superior durability, chemical protection and puncture resistance making it the preferred choice for many industries and applications.

Nitrile is a petroleum based synthetic material so most glove brands will not naturally biodegrade and therefore aren't suitable for standard recycling. However, gloves that do not require hazardous waste disposal can be recycled where specialist collections are available.

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