Valmy FFP3 Respirator pack of 10

£45.00 £35.00

Reduced pricing available in packs of 50, 100 and 200 masks

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Valmy FFP3 Respirator

£3.50 per mask, pack of 10 blue masks.

Please note, our current stock of this mask is blue, not white.

Reduced pricing is available in packs of 50, 100 and 200 masks

Use for up to 8 hours, then discard.

Hypoallergenic, soft and ultra light the Cyrano mask offers both unique comfort and maximum hygiene (individual packaging) for the wearer.  Adapts perfectly to all face shapes.

To be sure you are selecting the correct mask for the level of respiratory protection necessary for the given task/s.

FFP3 Respirator

Anti-vrus (infectious respiratory pathologies), Anti-bacteria (Legionnaires disease, tuberculosis), pollution proof, anti-allergen.  Asbestos fibres with concentration of less than 1 fibre/cm3/h (material handling diagnosis), mineral wood, fibreglass dust (manipulating, insulating work), lead (paint sanding) wood (sanding, die-cutting), metal welding fumes, etc.

Standards: EN149 : 2001 + A1:2009. EN14683 : 2006. EFB≥ 99.9%.

Weight2 kg


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